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Fundraising in WA

Our flagship eco-friendly fundraising product, Ezy Pegs, is one of the most useful items in any household! Our pegs are made from marine grade ‘316 stainless steel’ that are rust and corrosion free, which is essential for the Australian climate.

Are you sick of selling chocolates or other sugary products! Do you need inspiration on finding something completely different to promote? Ezy Fundraising WA is here to help you rethink your fundraising ideas and strategies!

Who doesn’t want a sustainable eco-friendly fundraising product while helping out their local club at the same time! It’s time to set your club’s fundraising goal plus do your bit for the environment! We’ll show you how!

We believe in offering you a fundraising product that is useful to the end-consumer, lasts the test of time and is a positive impact on the environment! More than that, we want to make sure you can successfully raise money in the process.

Fundraising in WA, it really is that ezy!

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