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Shop 14 Falcon Grove Shopping Centre 609-617 Old Coast Road, Falcon, Western Australia 6210
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Falcon Grove Pharmacy is your friendly and local Mandurah pharmacy, offering rapid prescriptions, Webster packing, medication reviews, and diabetes support.

We take your health and wellness seriously. Our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and care is evident in how accessible and affordable our recommendations and solutions are. You can always be sure that the advice we provide is trustworthy and reliable. This focus on a more personalised, hands-on pharmacy experience is what we envision the future of health care to look like, as it ensures that every customer gets what they need to feel their best.

If you’re based in the Peel region and looking for a Mandurah pharmacy you can trust, look no further than us. Located at 609-617 Old Coast Road, Falcon, we service the community with exceptional health and wellness advice and recommendations. We look forward to meeting you in the store.

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