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Global Protection Systems

Choosing solar to protect the future of farming!

Using diesel to generate electricity on remote and regional farms, stations, communities, tourist accommodation and other properties is expensive and this cost is going to increase as time goes by. Global Protection Systems builds custom, turnkey renewable energy systems that are designed to suit your individual needs, using products and materials that will excel and survive in harsh Australian environments with continued optimal performance! We always tailor the solutions to the need to ensure that waste, and therefore cost is minimised. This will ensure you get the highest utilisation and savings out of your investment and environmental impacts are minimised.

Off-Grid Power Stations

From stations to caravans and everything in between. If you have no or unreliable grid power then get in touch.
We will design a solution perfect for you, the environment and your energy bills!

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are coming and we can help you attract more tourists and add an additional income stream to your business.
Perfect for remote roadhouses and tourist locations!

Power Station Leasing

Need power but don’t have the capital?
No need to go without, we can provide you with a clean energy power station without the upfront costs and you will still save on your current energy costs.

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