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Western Australia
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Perth & Peel Hydrogen Technology Cluster


Do you believe in a cleaner, more prosperous future for our world?

The Perth and Peel Hydrogen Cluster Ltd is committed to exploring the clean hydrogen potential to create a sustainable energy solution to support and expand on existing economic centres in the region.

We are aiming to create a regional hydrogen cluster where public, private and education sectors collaborate to innovate, build competence and capability, create business and market development opportunities, and develop technology excellence in regional, national and international hydrogen supply chains.

The Perth and Peel Hydrogen Cluster Ltd works with its members to develop projects, programmes and initiatives that meet industry needs, gaps and requirements and align with our four focus areas.

  • Research and Development
  • Education and Training
  • Economic Development
  • Advocacy and Collaboration

Annual membership of the Perth and Peel Hydrogen Cluster Ltd includes, but is not limited to:

  • A platform for members to engage with one another on hydrogen technologies and industry updates
  • The opportunity to participate in industry generated innovation projects, to solve industry issues
  • The opportunity to attend knowledge building events
  • Interaction and collaboration with other hydrogen clusters
  • Closer links with industry and research institutions
  • Potential cost savings via shared test facilities, R&D infrastructure, shared expertise
  • Potential access to opportunities in other projects and markets

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