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Hay Bale Banding WA – Statewide Bale Banding

Your WA Fully Mobile Hay Bale Banding Services

Are You Ready For Western Australia’s Hay Harvest?

Banding your hay bales means you’ll save space and time, but you need the tools to do it. At Statewide Bale Banding we’ve got your back, we provide the banding machinery and manpower, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your yearly harvest.

Western Australia’s largest Bale Banding provider, stacking your rectangular hay bales into bale bundles that are easy to move and store.
Baling season is a lot of hard work; from mowing, tending, raking, baling, and bundling, packing, and unloading. We strive to make it easier for you though the process, by taking charge of one of the steps.

Using our Bale Baron we pack the stacks of 3 x 7 bales, giving you an accessible load of 21 bales that are easy to move into hay storage for later use. We use our Self Propelled Bale Baron or Tractor-Assisted Trail Behind bundler to collate and package your hay bales.

Heading in to Hay Harvest? Call Fred today to organise your annual bale banding!

Statewide Bale Banding Farm Hay Harvest Services
Serving Western Australian farmers during the busy hay harvesting season. Packing and stacking to make it easy for you!

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