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Winora Boat School Skippers Ticket Perth

Teaching you the skills you need to have fun and be safe out on the water!

Providing Training & Certification for Recreational Boats & Jet Skis in the Mount Pleasant and Applecross Area, Western Australia!
Winora Boat School provides individuals and groups with the training and skills they need to obtain their Recreation Skippers License in Western Australia. By tailoring the training to support your needs, we are able to help all levels of experience, from complete novice skippers through to skilful helmsmen.

We ensure that proficient training is provided for you to feel confident on the water, and knowledgeable enough to venture out safely on your boat in WA.

Our goal is to get you trained and ready so that you can get your RST and start having fun on the water!

We have a range of different Skippers Ticket training and assessment options you can choose from!
Our Recreational Skippers Ticket training and assessment sessions are held at the Mount Henry Bridge Jetty, in Mount Pleasant, WA. Our courses run for a minimum of 3 hours and include both theoretical and practical training. We can also help with standalone RST assessments as well as Qualification Transfers for our experienced boaters!

Book now on our website for your Recreational Skipper’s Ticket Training & Assessment and we’ll get you qualified!

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